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Feed Our Fans Rewards Card

Bringing Restaurants and Fans together to support the arts!


As a member of the Feed Our Fans Program you'll be demonstrating a strong support for the arts. This will lead to increased customer loyalty and increased revenue for your business. Learn about your benefits here.


The Feed Our Fans Rewards Card is your access to our membership program that brings you great benefits through Feed the Arts, including discounts at your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and so much more! Learn more here.

Benefits for Restaurants:

No charge at sign up and no hidden fees. Reach your local community with special promotions at no additional cost
Success isn't measured by the amount of Gift Cards you sell, but rather by the money you make in return. Restaurants that participate in our program profit from the sale of their gift cards. The sale of $2000 in gift cards will mean $1040 back to you.
When your gift cards are sold you will receive immediate payment.
We provide you with a dedicated and supportive staff to aid and assist you.
Your company will be recognized by the arts community as a supporter of what they love to do. Your support for the arts will lead to happy returning customers. As a part of Feed The Arts you separate yourself from the competition in a positive way.
On average, consumers spend 20% more than the face value of their gift card.
Your restaurant will receive valuable advertising on, reaching an audience of passionate, art-loving fans.
Because your Gift Cards are posted on, your restaurant will be exposed to the more than 2,000,000 gift card sellers and buyers. has recently released their new mobile app, and your gift cards will be listed on it! The app allows consumers to manage all of their gift cards in one place.
The Feed Our Fans Rewards Card is our membership program that brings Fans great benefits, including 10% off of purchase when they use their Card.
You will be able to post information about upcoming events and specials, reaching your followers.
Your local arts community will recognize your establishment as a supporter of the arts that they love, which will in turn attract potential new customers!

What we ask of Restaurants:

  • $2000 in Gift Cards to your restaurant.
  • Provide our Fans a 10% discount when they use their Feed Our Fans Rewards Card.
  • ...that's all!

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Here's how it works:


Complete our easy sign up process and submit $2000 of your gift cards.

Create Your Feed The Arts Page

Create your company web page at and start marketing directly to our Fans.

Enjoy Increased Revenue!

As a member of the Feed Our Fans program you'll be demonstrating a strong support for the arts. This will lead to increased customer loyalty and increased revenue for your business.

Feed Our Fans Rewards Card

What Happens to Your Gift Cards?

Submit Your Gift Cards

You submit $2000 in gift cards for your business.

The gifts are selected

Gift cards are earned or purchased by Fans at with the revenue going to the Feed The Arts Tip Jar to fund art projects.

Our Fans Become Your Fans

Our Fans use your gift cards, and their Feed Our Fans Rewards Card, at your business and become your new customers.

You Generate Increased Revenue

Did you know that the average consumer spends 20% more than the value of their gift card? Your gift card brings them to your business, while your partnership with Feed The Arts builds brand loyalty!

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The Feed The Arts Network

The Feed Network was created to bring fans, artists and socially responsible companies together to support the arts and revolutionize arts funding!

Our Funding Network

Feed The Ads

A unique advertising network where advertisers join together to fund the arts.

Feed The Ads

Our membership program that brings Fans great benefits through Feed the Arts!

Feed The Ads

Our revolutionary arts funding resource for artists needing a little extra help.

Our Web Network

Feed The Arts

The site where fans give their time to fund up-and-coming artists. Sharing the love!

Coming Soon: Feed The Plate is revolutionizing online funding with Time Funding!™

Coming Soon: Feed The Nonprofit is an entirely new way to funding Nonprofits.

Tip Jar

Fill the Tip Jar with $30,000,000!

Our Tip Jar is our unique reserve fund for artists.

Artists know all too well the difficulty of raising the needed funding for creative projects. Crowdfunding was supposed to make this easier, but research shows that nearly 70% of projects on crowdfunding sites don't get fully funded. Our Tip Jar is a special reserve from which artists may apply to receive funding to cover a shortage for a Feed The Arts project or a project from a crowdfunding site.

Thanks to funding provided by this Feed Our Fans Program and our Feed The Ads Network, we are well on our way to reaching our goal having our Tip Jar filled with $30,000,000! Learn more about our Tip Jar here.

Feed Our Fans Rewards Card

The Feed Our Fans Rewards Card

The Feed Our Fans Rewards Card is a highlight of our membership program.

Once a Fan completes a few initial tasks on they will receive a Rewards Card and start earning back from what they give. Our card earns Fans discounts at restaurants, coffee shops, plus exclusive benefits such as:

  • Discount event tickets
  • VIP admission to exclusive shows
  • Early email notifications about events
  • Email discounts

Feed The Arts

Feed The Arts: No cash required, it's about time!

At Feed The Arts Fans save their cash and spend their time!

Unlike crowdfunding, TimeFunding® allows Fans to donate to an artist by joining our network and spending time on our site. the site where Fans fund artists by watching videos, listening to music, searching the web and more!

Feed The Arts

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